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CHONe’s mandate is to provide deliverables that are useful to the formation of policy on  the conservation of Canadian oceans; they include development of new tools, models, and decision frameworks, as well as  new discoveries and the delivery of advisory reports, presentations and other public awareness products.


Policy Priorities and CHONe Research

To find out more about how CHONe research addresses priorities under the Oceans Act, the Species at Risk Act and the Convention on Biological Diversity, follow these links:

Oceans Act Policy Priorities and CHONe Research Contributions

SARA_CBD Policy Priorities and CHONe Research Contributions


If you are interested in knowing how specific CHONe projects contribute to addressing various policy priorities, read the Matrix “Oceans Policy Priorities and CHONe Research".


CHONe researchers have produced or contributed to numerous Advisory Reports to respond to policy priorities:

  • Identification of ecologically and biologically significant areas (EBSA) in the Canadian Arctic - Click here to link to report
  • Science Guidelines for MPAs and MPA Networks Click here to link to the summary report
  • Genetic diversity and population connectivity of Canada’s 3 oceans Click here to link to the report
  • Advice for Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program - CHONe scientist Phil Archambault is the Canadian representative of the Benthos Expert Group of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP), an international network of scientists, government agencies, Indigenous organizations and conservation groups working together to harmonize and integrate efforts to monitor the Arctic's living resources.   He provided expert advice to the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan, CAFF Monitoring Series Report No.3, April 2011.  Click here to link to the report.



CHONe Research expertise

If you are interested in finding out more about the research expertise of CHONe researchers– click here for a listing.

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