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Planned Publications

List of CHONe manuscripts either 'in prep', 'submitted', 'in review', 'accepted' or 'in press' 

  1. Belley R, Snelgrove PVR, Danovaro R (in prep) Seafloor ecosystem functioning: a global synthesis of sedimentary oxygen and nutrient exchange.
  2. Cobb D, Roy V, Link H, Archambault P (in press) Information to support the re-assessment of original ecologically and biologically significant areas (EBSAs) in the Beaufort Sea Large Ocean Management Area. DFO Can Sci Advis Secr Res Doc 2014/nnn.:V + 25 p
  3. Daigle RM, Archambault P, Côté IM (in prep) Development of a Canadian Ocean Health Index.
  4. Daigle RM, Archambault P, Côté IM, Haider W, Halpern B, Lowndes JS, Irwin K (in prep) An Ocean Health Index which reflects Canadian realities.
  5. Daigle RM, Metaxas A, Chassé J (in prep) The effect of vertical distribution and swimming velocity on larval dispersal.
  6. Forget NL, Juniper SK (in prep)Trophosome bacterial diversity in Ridgeia piscesae new recruits. Mar Ecol Prog Ser
  7. Girard F, Metaxas A, Lacharité M (in prep) Diversity of invertebrate colonists in a deep-water gorgonian coral environment on simple and complex substrates off Nova Scotia, Canada.
  8. Lacharité M, Metaxas A, Lawton P (in prep) Seafloor imagery analysis using automated and semi-automated methods in Canadian waters.
  9. Lacharité M, Metaxas A, Lawton P (in prep) A novel approach to assess fine-scale benthic features using digital imagery.
  10. Link H, Archambault P, Guichard F (in prep): Benthic functions and functioning in Canada - Can diversity be the proxy?
  11. Massin C, Robar A, Hamel J-F, Mercier A (in prep) Thyone inermis Heller, 1868 and Labidoplax buskii (MacIntosh, 1866) (Echinodermata, Holothuroidea), two new species for the Canadian marine fauna.
  12. Medrinal E, Li WKW, Lovejoy C (in prep) Spatial dynamic of active protist communities associated to water masses along the Northeast Channel, Gulf of Maine.

  13. Medrinal E, Lovejoy C (in prep) Marine microbial eukaryotes during Winter-Summer transition in an Arctic Flaw Lea Polynya, Beaufort Sea.

  14. Piot A, Archambault P, Berteaux D, Blanchard D, Brown L, Edinger E, Jensen O, Sahanatien V (in review) Marine Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation in the Eastern Arctic. IRIS-Report
  15. Preez C Du (in review) A new rugosity index for enhanced detection of ecological patterns related to structural complexity. Methods Ecol Evol
  16. Roy V, Archambault P, Conlan K, Hendrycks E, Aitken A (in prep) Predictive models of macrobenthos patterns in the southeastern Beaufort Sea and Amundsen Gulf. J Mar Syst
  17. Roy V, Iken K, Archambault P (in prep) Regional comparisons of megabenthic richness across the Canadian Arctic. Arctic
  18. Roy V, Iken K, Gosselin M, Tremblay J-É, Bélanger S, Archambault P (in prep) Benthic food-web responses to marine biological productivity and depth across the Canadian Arctic. Deap-Sea Res I
  19. Sorochan KA, Duguid W, Quijon P (submitted) Diagnostic morphological characteristics of laboratory reared Cancer oregonensis (Brachyura: Cancridae) with recommendations for identifying cancrid zoeae in the Salish Sea. Mar Biol Res
  20. Sorochan KA, Quijon P (in press) Horizontal distributions of Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) and red rock crab (Cancer productus) larvae in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia. ICES J Mar Sci
  21. Tunnicliffe V, Germain C St., Hilario, A. (in review) Phenotypic variation and fitness in a metapopulation of tubeworms at hydrothermal vents.


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