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Other Publications

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Snelgrove PVR (2010) Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life: Making Ocean Life Count. Cambridge University Press, New York, USA |Buy|


Newsletters, Newspaper or Magazine Articles

Antel R (2009) Beefing up the bona fides. Progress Magazine 16(7) |Read|

Bélanger M(2009) L’UQAR: Partenaire majeur d’un réseau de recherche canadien sur la santé des oceans. UQAR News. 26 Janvier 2009 |Read|

Cook M (2010) Young minds, deep oceans. Gazette: A Memorial University of Newfoundland Publication 43(1): 10 |Read|

Crosby C (2009) New Network Aimed at Sustainable Management of Canada's Ocean Resources. Dalhousie University News on Newswise. 5 February 2009 |Read|

D’Astous A (2010) World Oceans Day will be celebrated Tuesday at Rinouski. Le Rimouskois Progres-Echo. 3 Juin 2010

Doyle A (2010) Host of unknown microbes identified. The Globe and Mail Newspaper. 19 April 2010 |Read|

Fraser D (2014) Scientists chase, study deep coral. Cape Cod Times, 17 June 2014 |Read|

Gauthier MJuniper SK, Barrie JV, Canessa RR, Boutillier JA (2012) A window on the effect of deep-sea bottom trawling on the Pacific coast. HERMIONE Newsletter 10:5–6 |PDF|

Green J (2010) Federal funding fuels more comprehensive ocean research. Gazette: A Memorial University of Newfoundland Publication 42(11): 9 |Read|

Hrycik JM (2013) MAP-ing where things go: new technology to measure dispersal in the coastal ocean. Current Tides 1:8–11 |PDF|

Iltan C (2010) Marine Census points to vast diversity. The Globe and Mail Newspaper. 2 August 2010 |Read|

Koebberling U (2011) Exploring Frontiers in Marine Biodiversity for Sustainable Ocean Use. Press Release 26 April 2011 |Read|

Koebberling U, Snelgrove PVR (2011)  CHONe: Census and consensus in Canada. ICES Insight 48:42–45 |Read|

Lavoie J (2011) Coral study may influence fishing plans. The Victoria Times Colonist Newspaper. 26 June 2011 |Read|

Leys SPChu JWF (2012) Glass Reefs. Archit Glas Concepts Mag 5:4–13 |Read|

McIlRoy A (2008) New wave of discovery shows octopus origins. The Globe and Mail Newspaper. 10 November 2008 |Read

Metaxas A (2009) A Diverse Makeup. Outfront Magazine: Research that Matters 4(1) |Read

Metaxas A (2010) Under the sea, the sequel. Dalhousie Magazine 27(2) 8-9 |Read|

Robinson A (2011) Many unknowns in ocean. The Telegram Smart Edition, 17 November 2011

Roy V, Iken K, Archambault P (2013) Canadian contribution to Arctic megabenthic diversity monitoring. e-CBMP Newsletter, Fall 2013 7 (2) |Read|

Simpson J (2009) Higher learning; Dal oceanographers using a blimp to study sea. The Chronicle Herald. 8 August 2009

Shore V (2009) UVic joins in new oceans research network. The Ring: UVic’s Community News Source. University of Victoria. 01 February 2009 |Read|

Smulders M (2008) Maiden voyage. Dal News. 18 July 2008 |Read|

Smulders M (2010) A window on the deep sea. Dal News. 10 August 2010 |Read|

Smulders M(2011) From surf board to starboard: Fish geneticist at home on the ocean. Dalhousie Magazine 28(2): 4 Fall 2011 |Read|

Snelgrove PVRArchambault P, Juniper SKLawton PMetaxas AMcKindsey C, Pepin PTunnicliffe V (2011) Mobilizing Marine Biodiversity Research: The Canadian Healthy Oceans Network. Hook, Line Thinker Newsletter Fisheries Science Research Society 2:34–35 |PDF|

Snelgrove PVR (2012) Here's a biodiversity research strategy and program to inform policy on sustainable oceans. The Hill Times. 4 June 2012 |Read|

Wilke K (2010) The Canadian Healthy Oceans Network (CHONe) and the Marine Biodiversity Hub - Uniting marine scientists in Canada and Australia. Newsletter of the Marine Biodiversity Hub. May 2010 |Read|

Telegram (2009) Ocean research network launched at MUN. The Telegram Newspaper, St. John’s NL, Canada. 12 January 2009 |Read|

The Canadian Press (2012) Ocean biodiversity, a shared responsibility, says professor. The Canadian Press. Newspaper.  11 February 2012 |Read|

Radio and Television 

CBC (2009) NEPTUNE Canada. CBC News The National. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. TV Shows. 6 December 2009

CBC (2009) Neptune Observatory. Radio-Canada Decouverte. November 2009

CBC (2010) Que cachent les océans? La tribune. ICI Radio-Canada. 3 October 2010

CBC (2010) CoML and CHONe Afternoon Show. September 2010

Global () Coral Reef Decline. Global TV News.

Global BC (2010) Underwater observatories. Global News - BC. 10 September 2010

Radio Ville-Marie (2012) According to the research professor, Philippe Archambault, ocean biodiversity is a shared responsibility. Radio Ville-Marie. News.  16 February 2012

CBC (2012) La biodiversité des océans, une responsabilité partagée. Les années lumières. ICI Radio-Canada. 5 February 2012

CBC (2012) La biodiversité des océans, une responsabilité partagée. Désautels. ICI Radio-Canada. 2 February 2012

Canal Savoir (2011) Campus, Season 2. Canal Savoir / Télé-Québec. 16 February 2011

RDI (2010) La vie marine recensée. 24 heures en 60 minutes. RDI. 3 August 2010


SFU (2010) Exploring Ocean Frontiers. Canada Ocean Lecture Series, Simon Fraser University. YouTube: 1143 views

Progrès-Echo (2010) Press conference with Quebec-Ocean to promote the World Ocean Day, Newspaper Progrès-Echo / Le Rimouskois  

Fontaine A, Roy V (2010) Documentary film with the ‘Polar Cap Productions’ shooting during the leg 3b (7 - 31/10/2010) on the CCGS Amundsenteam

Year of Science BC (2011) Cherisse du Preez, PhD candidate, University of Victoria. Year of Science BC. YouTube |Watch|

Year of Science BC (2011) Verena Tunnicliffe, Professor, University of Victoria. Year of Science BC. YouTube |Watch|

Year of Science BC (2011) Paul Snelgrove, Census of Marine Life. Vancouver Aquarium Science Lecture. YouTube |Watch part 1part 2|

Canada Ocean Lecture Series (2010) Exploring Ocean Frontiers. Canada Ocean Lecture Series, Simon Fraser University. YouTube |Watch|


Blog Posts

CHONe, DFO (2010) 32 Blog Posts. Hudson Scientific Research Cruise 033 2010 Blog. 28 July-10 August 2010 |Read|

Crosby K (2013) In an open ocean, shouldn’t open data be the norm? 2020 Vision of Canada’s Ocean Dialogue Blog. 27 November 2013 |Read|

Daigle RMCôté IMArchambault P (2013) What is Ocean Health? Developing a Canadian Ocean Health Index. 2020 Vision of Canada’s Ocean Dialogue Blog. 3 December 2013 |Read|

Forget NL (2011) Tubeworm Sampling. NEPTUNE@Sea Blog. 26 July 2011 |Read|

Hrycik JM (2013) An ocean of opportunities. 2020 Vision of Canada’s Ocean Dialogue Blog. 17 December 2013 |Read|

Lacharité M (2013) In a “sustainable” ocean, there are many swimmers – a perspective from Canada’s next generation of ocean scientists. 2020 Vision of Canada’s Ocean Dialogue Blog. 5 December 2013 |Read|

Link H (2012) The Results are Not Enough – Communication is Essential. COMPASSBLOGS. 1 June 2012 |Read|

Lloyd MJ (2013) Exploring Nova Scotia coasts by kayak. Small Scales Blog. 18 November 2013 |Read|

Puetz L (2012) Tubeworms: The Fat and The Skinny. NEPTUNE@Sea Blog. 19 June 2012 |Read|


Audio Posts

Allen S (2013) Larval travel stories: Herring vs Hake. Our Science - Episode 24. CHONe Podcast Series Series. 9 April 2013

Belly RForget NLink HPreez C DU (2011) CHONe Student Podcast from HERMIONE annual meeting Malaga, Spain. CHONe Interactive Student Website. 13 August 2011

Belley R (2013) Do tiny seafloor animals play a huge role. Our Science - Episode 18. CHONe Podcast Series. 26 February 2013

Brown RR (2013) Glass Sponge Reefs. Our Science - Episode 29. CHONe Podcast Series. 14 May 2013

Chalut K (2013) Nutrient Recycling in a deep-water forest. Our Science - Episode 11. CHONe Podcast Series. 8 January 2013

Chu JW (2012) Loss of oxygen in the oceans. Our Science - Episode 6. CHONe Podcast Series. 03 December 2012

Daigle RM (2012) The behaviour of invertebrate babies. Our Science Episode 3. CHONe Podcast Series. 19 November 2012

Dasilva CR (2013) Biodiversity of Small Microbes. Our Science - Episode 30. CHONe Podcast Series. 21 May 2013

Edinger E (2013) Maintaining Deep-sea Corals. Our Science - Episode 23. CHONe Podcast Series. 2 April 2013

Filbee-Dexter K (2012) Kelp delivery to the deep. Our Science - Episode 1. CHONe Podcast Series. 6 November 2012

Forget NL (2013) Diversity of Symbiotic Partners. Our Science - Episode 17. CHONe Podcast Series. 19 February 2013

Hrycik JM (2012) Magnetically Attractive Particle to estimate dispersal. Our Science - Episode 4. CHONe Podcast Series. 27 November 2012

Krumhansl KA (2012) Connections Between Ecosystems. Our Science - Episode 8. CHONe Podcast Series. 11 December 2012

Lacharité M (2012) Recruitment in Deep-sea. Our Science - Episode 7. CHONe Podcast Series. 10 December 2012

Lavoie M-F (2013) Aquacultures Ecosystem Engineers. Our Science - Episode 26. CHONe Podcast Series. 23 April 2013

Lloyd MJ (2012a) Not all invertebrate larvae behave alike. Our Science - Episode 10. CHONe Podcast Series. 18 December 2012

Lloyd MJ (2012b) What about gastropod larvae? Our Science - Episode 2. CHONe Podcast Series. 19 November 2012

Medrinal E (2013) The little people of the sea. Our Science - Episode 32. CHONe Podcast Series. 4 June 2013

Nephin J (2013) Connections between animals. Our Science - Episode 14. CHONe Podcast Series. 22 January 2013

Neves BM (2013) Protecting Underwater Forests. Our Science - Episode 22. CHONe Podcast Series. 26 March 2013

Preez C Du (2013) Understanding the seafloor from a flashlight field of view. Our Science - Episode 16. CHONe Podcast Series. 12 February 2013

Puetz L (2013) Living in a hostile environment. Our Science - Episode 12. CHONe Podcast Series. 15 January 2013

Roy V (2013) Exploring Animals Living on the Arctic Seafloor. Our Science - Episode15. CHONe Podcast Series. 5 February 2013

Scheibling RE (2012) My life as a marine ecologist. Our Science - Episode 5. CHONe Podcast Series. 3 December 2012

Séguin A (2013) Marine Invertebrate Indicators of Disturbance. Our Science - Episode 20. CHONe Podcast Series. 12 March 2013

Shapiera M (2013) Should I stay or should I go? Our Science - Episode 13. CHONe Podcast Series. 22 January 2013

Snaufer EL (2013) Herring Larvae Travel Stories. Our Science - Episode 19. CHONe Podcast Series. 5 March 2013

Snelgrove PVR (2013) Three Oceans, One Planet: Sustaining Our Future. Our Science - Episode 25. CHONe Podcast Series. 16 April 2013

Sorochan KA (2012) Delicious, Alien-like Drifters. . Our Science - Episode 9. CHONe Podcast Series. 18 December 2012

Stanley RE (2013) Reason and Consequence. Our Science - Episode 31 CHONe Podcast Series. 28 May 2013

Stolze LM (2013) Mixing the muddy seafloor. Our Science - Episode 21. CHONe Podcast Series. 19 March 2013

Tunnicliffe V (2013a) My life as a deep sea explorer. Our Science - Episode 27. CHONe Podcast Series. 30 April 2013

Tunnicliffe V (2013b) Marine Biodiversity. Our Science - Episode 28. CHONe Podcast Series. 07 May 2013


Video Posts

Daigle R (2014) Sampling for Larval Invertebrates. YouTube |Watch


Daigle R (2014) Sampling for Larval Lobsters. YouTube |Watch

Gauthier M (2010) Searching for Hot Spots Under the Ice. YouTube (Presented at Bob Wright Foundation and Benthic Ecology Filmfestival) |Watch|

Gauthier M (2010) Before the Ice Melts: Marine Biodiversity in the Canadian Arctic. YouTube/Vimeo |Watch|

Gauthier M (2012) The camera won’t eat you. YouTube |Watch|

Gauthier M (2012) Into the Unknown: Exploring Marine Life in Frontier Areas. YouTube (Presented at Canada’s Oceans and You and Halifax Ocean Film Festival) |Watch: English/French|

Medrinal E (2012) Sampling the Arctic. YouTube |Watch|

Medrinal E (2012) Arctic Winter Phytoplankton: What are they and are they active? YouTube (APECS FrostBytes for International Polar Year Conference) |Watch|

Preez, C DU (2011) Chatting with Cherisse Du Preez. YouTube |Watch|

Preez, C DU (2011) Chatting with Emily Wilson. YouTube |Watch|

Preez, C DU (2011) Chatting with Ashley Robar. YouTube |Watch|

Preez, C DU (2011) The CHONe Movie: Training Canada’s Next Generation of Ocean Scientists. YouTube/Vimeo (Chosen for Census of Marine Life final press release and celebration) |Watch|

Preez, C DU (2009) The ROVing Eye. Viemo |Watch|


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