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Non-refereed Publications

List of Canadian Healthy Ocean Network (CHONe) non-refereed publications, white and grey literature, not typically peer-reviewed in the traditional sense. 


  1. Bluhm B, Grebmeier J, Archambault P, Blicher M, Guðmundsson G, Iken K, Jørgensen L, Mokievsky V (2012) Benthos. In: Jeffries MO, Richter-Menge JA, Overland JE (eds) Arctic Report Card 2012., p 169
  2. Bui AOV, Castonguay M, Ouellet P (2012) Distribution et abondance des larves et juvéniles de poissons dans l’estuaire maritime du Saint-Laurent : Connectivité entre le Golfe, l’Estuaire et le fjord du Saguenay Distribution and abundance of larval and juvenile fish in the Lower St. Lawrence. Can Tech Rep Fish Aquat Sci 2981:ix+46 p
  3. Cobb D, Roy V, Link H, Archambault P (2014) Information to support the re-assessment of original ecologically and biologically significant areas (EBSAs) in the Beaufort Sea Large Ocean Management Area. DFO Can Sci Advis Secr Res Doc 2014/nnn.:V + 25 p
  4. DFO (2011) Identification of Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) in the Canadian Arctic. DFO Can Sci Advis Secr Sci Advis Rep 2011/055
  5. Greenlaw ME, Gromack AG, Basquill SP, Mackinnon DS, Lynds JA, Taylor RB, Utting DJ, Hackett JR, Grant J, Forbes DL, Savoie F, Bérubé D, Connor KJ, Johnson SC, Coombs KA, Henry R (2013) A Physiographic Coastline Classification of the Scotian Shelf Bioregion and Environs: The Nova Scotia Coastline and the New Brunswick Fundy Shore. DFO Can Sci Advis Secr Res Doc 2012/051:iv+39 p
  6. Kenchington EL, Link H, Roy V, Archambault P, Siferd T, Treble M, Wareham V (2011) Identification of Mega- and Macrobenthic Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) in the Hudson Bay Complex, the Western and Eastern Canadian Arctic. DFO Can Sci Advis Secr Res Doc 2011/071:vi+52 p
  7. Lawton P, Westhead M, Greenlaw ME, Smith SJ, Brown CJ, Quigley S, Brickman D (2012) Significance of the Maritimes Region Ecosystem Research Initiative to Marine Protected Area network planning within Fisheries and Oceans Canada. DFO Can Sci Advis Secr Res Doc 2012/133:iii+28 p
  8. Leys SP (2013) Effects of Sediment on Glass Sponges (Porifera , Hexactinellida) and projected effects on Glass Sponge Reefs. DFO Can Sci Advis Secr Res Doc 2013/074:23 p
  9. Provencher L, Bailey R, Nozères C (2012) Review of the St. Lawrence Estuary Marine Protected Area Monitoring Plan and Indicators. DFO Can Sci Advis Secr Res Doc 2012/089:iv+56 p


  1. Bagheri H, Lecours V (2012) Benthic Habitat Mapping Using High-Resolution Image Mosaicking. Sea Technology 53:15–20
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  4. Clarke CSLM (2012) A Framework for assessing and reporting on the status and trends in ocean and coastal helth in Canada. Canadian Healthy Oceans Network. November 2011 
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  6. Fortier L, Robert D, Grant C, Link H, Archambault P ( ) Arctic Change: Impacts on Marine and Estuarine Ecosystems. In: Stern G (ed) Integrated Regional Impact Assessment - Western and Central Arctic 
  7. Gill MJ, Crane K, Hindrum R, Arneberg P, Bysveen I, Denisenko N V, Gofman V, Grant-Friedman A, Gudmundsson G, Hopcroft RR, Iken K, Labansen A, Liubina OS, Melnikov IA, Moore SE, Reist JD, Sirenko BI, Stow J, Ugarte F, Vongraven D, Watkins J (2011) Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan (CBMP-MARINE PLAN). CAFF Monit Ser Rep No. 3
  8. Gobi AF (2010a) Towards Generalized Benthic Species Recognition and Quantification Using Computer Vision. In: Oceans 2010. IEEE, Sydney, NSW, Australia

  9. Gobi AF (2010b) Towards Generalized Benthic Species Recognition and Quantification Using Computer Vision. In: Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology (PSIVT). IEEE, Singapore, p 94–100

  10. Jessen S, Chan K, Côté IM, Dearden P, Santo E De, Fortin M, Guichard F, Haider W, Jamieson G, Kramer D, McCrea-Strub A, Mulrennan M, Montevecchi WA, Roff J, Salomon A, Gardner J, Honka L, Menafra R, Woodley A (2011) Science-based Guidelines for Marine Protected Areas and MPA Networks in Canada. Vancouver: Canadian Park Wilderness Society 58 pp.
  11. Link H, Piepenburg D (2013) 3.2 Dynamics of benthic ecosystem functioning in response to predicted environmental shifts. In: Gutt J (ed) The expedition of the research vessel “Polarstern” to the Antarctic in 2013 (ANT-XXIX/3). Reports on polar and marine research. Bremerhaven, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, p 665, 151 p
  12. Piot A, Archambault P, Berteaux D, Blanchard D, Brown L, Edinger E, Jensen O, Sahanatien V (in review) Marine Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation in the Eastern Arctic. IRIS-Report
  13. Roy V, Link H, Archambault P (2012) Identification of Macro- and Megabenthic Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) in the Beaufort Sea Large Ocean Management Area (LOMA). A Working Paper on benthic systems for the CSAS meeting, 20-22 November in Winnipeg (MB), Canada
  14. Ruddick BR, Taggart CT (2011) A New Approach to Tracing Particulates from Produced Water. In: Lee K, Neff J (eds) Produced Water: Environmental Risks and Advances in Mitigation Technologies. Springer, p 608 
  15. Snelgrove PVR, Archambault P, Juniper SK, Lawton P, Metaxas A, McKindsey CW, Pepin P, Schneider D, Tunnicliffe V (2008) Scientific Criteria for Conservation and Sustainable Usage of Marine Biodiversity in Canada’s Oceans. In: Oceans 2008. IEEE, Quebec City, QC, Canada, p 598–605

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