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Shin Hun Kim

Phylogeography and gene flow of blue mussel species in the Pacific & the North Atlantic Ocean

Shin Hun Kim
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Phylogeography and population genetics using genetic markers Computational techniques: Bayesian, C, Perl, R, SQL Lab techniques: Sequencing, microsatellites

David Innes

Biology, Memorial University


Phylogeography of Blue mussels


Two mussel species, Mytilus edulis and M. trossulus are occupying the NW Atlantic Ocean, forming hybrid zones. It appears that the LGM played a critical role on their current distribution and evolution, as Bayesian analyses suggest that colonization and hybridization of the two species in the NW Atlantic region occurred after the LGM.

The specific project/thesis aims project are:

    1. Bayesian Phylogeography and genetic structure of M. edulis and M. trossulus  in the Pacific & the N Atlantic Ocean
    2. Bayesian colonization-route reconstruction of the two species throughout the history
    3. Studying their evolution using genomic method

The project will shed light on the evolutionary history, gene flow and genetic structure of the blue mussel species around the North America, and their possible mechanisms.






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