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Ryan Cloutier

Direct and indirect effects of marine protection: Rockfish conservation areas as a case study

Ryan Cloutier
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Ryan has worked on various conservation projects abroad in Australia and Indonesia. His current hobbies include freediving, volleyball and cycling. He will finish his MSc by Jan 2012 and hopes to continue working in the marine sciences.

Isabelle M Côté

Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University

01/2009 – 01/2012

Ecosystem Function, EF-12: Rockfish as ecosystem engineers

My work focuses on evaluating the effects of Rockfish Conservation Areas (RCAs) on the severely depleted populations of nearshore rockfishes.  This group of slow-growing, late-maturing species is subject to high mortality from both commercial and recreational fishing. I am aiming to quantify the rate of recovery of rockfish inside RCAs and examine whether there are knock-on consequences of any changes in rockfish for other species of fish and invertebrates.  I work in conjunction with Parks Canada and DFO. 

The specific project goals are:

1. Determine if RCAs generally have more rockfish in them.

2. Determine if marine communities in RCAs are different from unprotected ones.

3. Determine how useful the current rockfish habitat models are.

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