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Melinda Agapito

Tiered GIS-Based Multi-Criteria Decision Approach in MPA Design

Melinda Agapito
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I studied Marine Resource Management at Oregon State University. This afforded me the opportunity to appreciate the value of GIS mapping in resource conservation and planning. Prior to that, I had engaged in a land-based conservation project working with local communities in the Philippines.

Evan Edinger, Rodolphe Devillers

Geography, Memorial University of NL


Ecosystem Function, EF-06: Multi-Criteria Decision Approach to Marine Reserves


Conservation assessment is often times, a multi-objective problem (biological-ecological, socio-economic, governance-management). This makes a careful trade-off analysis of competing objectives and criteria very essential to this endeavour. In this current study, we explore the strengths and limitations of multi-criteria analysis in conservation assessment using disparate datasets for Newfoundland and Labrador shelves.

Specific project objectives:

    1. Test the utility of GIS-based multi-criteria analysis (MCA) using order weighted averaging (OWA) in conducting a transparent trade-off process using scientific and TEK/LEK data and stakeholder-driven process.
    2. Explore the applicability of tiered GIS-based MCDM at detailed and broad scales (e.g. local and regional)
    3. Develop a framework to execute MCA process using disparate marine datasets.

This project complements the overall goal of CHONE project particularly in providing guidelines on conservation assessment framework. This study can also provide insight to the current initiatives of DFO to identify areas for conservation in the region.




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