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Maeva Gauthier

Quantifying the impact of bottom trawling on soft-bottom megafauna communities using video and scanning-sonar data on the continental slope off Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Maeva Gauthier
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I studied biology in Montreal and moved to Victoria to study marine ecology. I had the opportunity to go to the Antarctic and the Arctic in 2009 for research and field course. My interests are related to coastal communities, global environmental issues, documentary filmmaking, outreach and many water activities, including diving, sailing, and surfing.

S Kim Juniper

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria


Marine Biodiversity, MB-08: A Seafloor imagery toolbox

My masters consists of quantifying the impacts of bottom trawling on deep-sea ecosystems, more specifically the larger species found on the seabed (benthic megafauna). My survey area is located on the continental slope off Vancouver island, BC (300-1,400m depth). I’m using video taken with the remotely operated vehicle ROPOS and high-resolution scanning-sonar data.

The specific thesis aims of this project are:

    1. Develop a method to quantify trawling impacts using video and scanning-sonar data
    2. Analyze the relationships of the abundance, composition and diversity of the megafauna with various environmental variables (susbtrate, depth, trawling intensity)
    3. Create a toolbox so that method can be applicable for future similar studies

My project could link with people studying the ecological function of deep-sea communities.









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