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Kevin Sorochan

Spatial and temporal patterns of decapod meroplankton in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia

Kevin Sorochan
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I owe much of my passion for marine science to honours research at the University of Victoria, coursework at Bamfield Marine Science Centre. I am interested in the mechanisms and consequences of interactions between organisms and their environment, and have developed a keen interest in marine larvae which I hope to pursue in further research opportunities.

Pedro Quijon

Biology, University of Prince Edward Island

04/2009 - 11/2011

Population Connectivity, PC-02: Dispersal Patterns in the Strait of Georgia

The dispersal of early life history stages is recognized as critical to the dynamics of benthic marine populations. Research on the abundance and distribution of larvae is a first and most basic step to understand how populations are maintained and managed. This research was conducted to develop hypotheses about dispersal pathways and provided previously unavailable information on the larval abundance, reproductive timing and output of several species and their inter-annual variability. 

The specific project/thesis aims project are:

    1. Describe species- and stage-specific spatial patterns of crab larvae and their relationship with environmental variables to develop hypotheses about larval dispersal within the Strait of Georiga.
    2. Characterize the larval crab assemblages from 2009 and 2010 surveys and quantify interannual variability in abundance and composition.

This research is part of a larger CHONe effort concentrated on studying larval dispersal in the Strait of Georgia that includes projects on larval fish and particle tracking biophysical modelling.














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