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Jessica Nephin

Distribution, abundance and congruence of benthic infauna and epifauna patterns on the Beaufort Shelf and Slope

Jessica Nephin
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I received my Bsc in ecology from UBC in 2009. After I graduated I worked in the Biological & Fisheries Oceanography laboratory at UBC where I gaining experience in both lab and field techniques in ocean research. I moved to Victoria and started my master’s work at the University of Victoria in 2011. My research focuses on Arctic benthic ecology and biodiversity baselines.

Kim Juniper

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria

9/2011 - 12/2014

Marine Biodiversity, MB-08: A Seafloor imagery toolbox

Baseline description of the benthic assemblage on the Beaufort Shelf and Slope and the congruence of infaunal and epifaunal components.

The specific project/thesis aims project are:

1. Description of benthic assemblage – which taxa dominate the transitional benthic assemblage from shelf to slope?

2. The connectivity of infauna and epifauna on soft bottom seafloor environments.

3. The ability of video imagery to characterize diversity and assemblage patterns of infauna and epifauna compared to historical sampling gear.

My research supports the Image Analysis and Object Recognition Tools project by increasing our understanding of the links between infauna and epifauna in soft-bottom seafloor environments. Underwater video provides us with a unique opportunity to further study and understand deep-sea. My project will help us understand the limitations of this tool by assessing the resolution at which infauna and epifauna parameters may be discerned from video imagery.

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