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Jackie Lighten

Exploring connectivity between Canada's three oceans: the past, present and future of trans-Arctic exchange

Jackie Lighten
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BSc (Hons) University of Southampton MSc Imperial College London & The British Natural History Museum My research interests fall mainly within the realm of systematics and population biology, with a keen enthusiasm for phylogeography.

Paul Bentzen

Biology, Dalhousie University

2009 - present

Marine Biodiversity, MB-02: Exploring connectivity between Canada's three oceans

Use genome wide diversity in a number of Atlantic-Pacific marine fish sister species to estimate how life history effects responses to Arctic climate change. This will similarly be tested in contemporary trans-Arctic species.

The specific project/thesis aims project are:

1. Provide baseline data on the amount of dispersal and gene flow through the Arctic for both circumpolar species and species pairs isolated following the historic cooling of the Arctic

2. Provide species and life history specific predictions of the potential for Arctic and trans-Arctic invasions based on molecular genetic reconstructions of pre-historic range expansions during previous periods of high connectivity between the Atlantic and Pacific, such as last occurred one to several million years ago

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