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Ian Luddington

Species diversity and community phylogeny of Arctic thalassiosiroid diatoms

Ian Luddington
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I received my Bsc in biology from Mount Allison University in 2010 and returned after a year to start my Msc. During my undergrad I was very interested in the marine sciences and for an Honour’s project, worked on finding useful molecular signatures for marine dinoflagellate groups Prorocentrum and Ceratium.

Irena Kaczmarska

Biology, Mount Allison University

05/2011 – 05/2013

Marine Biodiversity, MB-10: Microbial diversity and function

My project, in conjunction with Dr. C. Lovejoy (Laval) deals with the diversity and community phylogeny of Arctic diatoms of the order Thalassiosirales. A number of studies deal with the species diversity of Arctic diatoms yet very few deal with their molecular ecology and genetic relatedness. Using single cell PCR, light microscopy and electron microscopy I will examine the species diversity of these communities and will generate DNA sequences which will be used for comparative phylogenies involving lower latitude thalassiosiroids. My project involves fieldwork aboard the CCGS Amundsen in the fall of 2011 where I will be traversing the Arctic from the Beaufort Sea to Davis Strait.

The specific project/thesis aims project are:

    1. Assess Arctic thalassiosiroid diversity
    2. Assess genetic relatedness within populations as compared to lower latitudes
    3. Link DNA sequences using three genetic markers to morphology for Arctic diatom species








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