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Eric Pedersen

Ecological and evolutionary impacts of fluctuating dispersal in coastal metapopulations

Eric Pedersen
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I studied plant ecology at the University of Saskatchewan. I now work on measuring and modelling mechanisms and patterns of movement in marine life.

Frédéric Guichard

Biology, McGill University

2009 - present

Population Connectivity, PC-04: The dynamics of dispersal: multiple methodologies to predict uncertainty and metapopulation resilience

Marine organisms dispersing by ocean currents are at the mercy of highly variable currents; sites with high larval settlement in one year may have none the next. What I'm working on is trying to understand what role this time-dependent settlement plays in how populations of marine organisms may in response to changes in the environment or the biological community they're embedded in.

My thesis aims are:

1. Build a theoretical model of time-dependent connectivity to be able to include its effects on population dynamics, and how those effects change with physical properties of the transport process and ecological properties of the population.

2. Measure how variable settlement is over multiple spatial and temporal scales from marine larval settlement data.

3. Look for possible behavioural responses by dispersing larvae that may have evolved to mitagate consequences of time-varying connectivity

This project connects with the other CHONe connectivity projects by linking field and behavioural data to broader population dynamics: translating changes in connectivity to changes in ecological interactions.

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