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Emily Wilson

Patterns of biodiversity of marine birds and habitat use in the Gulf of Maine

Emily Wilson
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I graduated with a degree in Biology at Colby College in Maine. I spent the following year researching birds at a tern and puffin colony in Maine, and a penguin colony in Argentina. I am interested in seabird conservation and behavioural ecology.

William Montevecchi

Memorial University of Newfoundland

08/2009 - present

Marine Biodiversity, MB-13: Seabird Biodiversity in the Gulf of Maine

My project is on the at-sea distribution of seabirds in the Gulf of Maine. I am using historical and current seabird vessel survey data to study seabird biodiversity, distributions, and habitat associations to identify potential important at-sea hotspots.

The specific thesis aims are:

    1. Describe current distributions of seabirds in Gulf of Maine
    2. Compare biodiversity and distributions of seabirds between current and historical data
    3. Build a predictive model linking habitat characteristics and seabird distributions

My project links to other CHONe biodiversity projects by providing the top predator level of biodiversity in the Gulf of Maine. Seabirds add an important component to ecosystem modelling and can be good indicators of hotspots in marine ecosystems.








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