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Barbara de Moura-Neves

Growth rates, habitat mapping and associated biodiversity of deep sea corals

Barbara de Moura-Neves
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I am in contact with corals since the first month of my undergraduate studies back in Brazil. I studied associated fauna of tropical corals during my undergraduate studies and octocoral taxonomy during my masters. My passion by marine biology made me want to go deeper and study deep-sea corals.

Evan Edinger

Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland

2012 - present

Marine Biodiversity, MB-18: Corals and Sponges

Email: / Tel: 709-864-8034

Neves 1For my PhD I am conducting a project on habitat mapping and growth rates of deep-sea corals, including gorgonians and sea pens. I am studying corals from both Pacific and Atlantic Canada. We used Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) to sample the corals and to collect videos and pictures for habitat mapping and size structure studies, and multibeam sonar for habitat mapping as well. 

The specific thesis aims are:

1. To estimate growth rates of deep-sea gorgonians and sea pens and to investigate the correlation between growth and environmental variables;

2. To investigate the size structure of deep-sea corals and the correlation with environmental variables;

3. To test a methodology for habitat mapping using a combination of video, multibeam data and GIS.

This project will contribute with knowledge that can be used in conservation strategies that fit in a broad context of protecting marine biodiversity.

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