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Ashley Robar

Influence of benthic macrofauna on ecosystem functions

Ashley Robar
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I’m a born and raised Nova Scotian. I received my BSc Honours at Mount Allison University (NB), where I studied macrofaunal community structure along the rocky intertidal of the Bay of Fundy. Throughout my masters, I’ve worked with several CHONe scientists and have traveled to many Canadian and International conferences.

Paul Snelgrove and Kim Juniper

Memorial University of Newfoundland and University of Victoria

09/2008 - present

Ecosystem Functions, EF-13: Community dynamics and natural variability


Investigating macrofaunal influence on ecosystem functions, using three measures: prokaryotic abundance, bioturbation and sediment oxygenation.  Macrofaunal diversity will be determined at three scales: functional, family, and species to explore how these organisms influence their environment.

The specific project/thesis aims are:

  1. Determine functional, family and species diversity for macrofaunal communities within the Gulf of Maine.
  2. Test influence of macrofaunal diversity on ecosystem function measurements.
  3. Help standardize methods for measuring ecosystem functions.


Results from this project can be combined with other ecosystem function research within CHONe to explore large scale questions and also provides macrofaunal abundance/diversity data from the East Coast.








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