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Adriana Radulovici

DNA barcoding of crustaceans across Canada’s oceans

Adriana Radulovici
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I am interested in using molecular tools to study marine biodiversity at the species and genetic levels, mainly the genetic diversity and structure at various spatial scales.

France Dufresne

Biology, Universite du Quebec a Rimouski


Marine Biodiversity, MB-04: Biodiversity and Gene Flow in Crustaceans

I am using DNA barcoding to assign molecular identification tags to various crustacean species and to detect cryptic species (i.e., morphologically identical, genetically divergent) across Canada’s oceans. Besides building a reference library of DNA barcodes, data are used in phylogeographic and phylogenetic analyses of selected crustacean species.

The goals of this project:

    • Molecular inventory of Arctic crustaceans (decapods and amphipods)
    • Assessment of the level of cryptic speciation
    • Investigation of evolutionary patterns in crustaceans in relation to the Arctic

This project is included in Theme 1 (Marine Biodiversity) and it will add to the general body of information resulting from CHONe, with regards to patterns of diversity across taxonomic levels and spatial and temporal scales.

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