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Student-scientist Studies Seafloor Habitats in Ocean Depths

Testing new instruments, real-time cameras, which are used to monitor the seafloor, 2000 m below the ocean’s surface. Marc Montgomery talks to Katleen Robert, a MSc student in the Department of Biology at University of Victoria.

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Ancient Rockfish at Risk of Extinction

Rock fish are extremely long-lived, slow growing and late to mature that is highly vulnerable to overfishing. Marc Montgomery talks to Ryan Cloutier, a MSc student in the Department of Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

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Ocean Health Assessed

Our history and, in many cases, our livelihoods are connected to the oceans that surround this country, yet we know so little about the sea and the life within it. Canadian scientists and researchers who study the oceans are gathered in Montreal for an important conference where they're sharing their findings and planning future research projects. Marc Montgomery talks to Dr. Anna Metaxas, a professor in the Department of Oceanography at Dalhousie University in Halifax, and a leader of the Canadian Healthy Oceans Network.

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Canadian Healthy Ocean Network (CHONe) Student Podcast from Malaga, Spain

At the HERMIONE annual meeting, held in Málaga Spain earlier this year, CHONe students participated in a two day media workshop where they learnt outreach skills including how to produce podcasts.  Here’s a podcast of the attending CHONe students recorded in Málaga during the some of the days' events.  Interviewees include CHONe PhD students Heike Link, Rénald Belley and Nathalie Forget, with interviewer Cherisse Du Preez. 

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Canadian Arctic Research

Philippe Archambault talks about ocean research in the Canadian Arctic.

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