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All Party Ocean Caucus

Fin Donnelly, MP for New Westminster-Coquitlam and Port Moody and Bruce Stanton, MP for Simcoe 

North on behalf of the All Party Ocean Caucus invited Canadian Healthy Oceans Network's (CHONe), Paul Snelgrove and Philippe Archambault to share our science and knowledge, particularly Arctic Ocean science, with members of parliament and senators, who represent the front lines of policy making in Canada. CHONe scientist's have been building relationships with our members of parliament, sharing research findings, knowledge and expertise. They want to share their research results to support sustainable oceans for science-based policies, management, and conservation decisions in Canada’s three oceans.

All Party Ocean Caucus: Arctic Ocean Science

Parliamentary Restaurant on Tuesday March 19th at 7:30am


Changes in the Arctic Ocean are occurring at a higher rate than expected. Climate change is expected to change the biodiversity and functioning of this ecosystem, and the exchange between populations. Arctic related CHONe research is listed below (Note: OA = Oceans Act, CBD = Convention on Biological Diversity, SARA = Species at Risk Act):The Canadian Healthy Oceans Network is a university-government partnership focused on biodiversity science for the sustainability of Canada's three oceans, the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic. Our scientists have gathered the science to develop integrated management strategies for sustaining resources, ecosystem function and biodiversity in a holistic approach that recognizes the interconnectivity of the ocean. Our research has direct application to Canadian policy and conservation needs (e.g. Oceans Act, Species at Risk Act, and Convention on Biological Diversity).

  •  Distribution maps and database for arctic marine benthos (MB 03: Archambault) – (OA, CBD)
  • Baseline data on dispersal and gene flow through the Arctic for circumpolar species and species pairs isolated following the historic cooling of the Arctic.  (MB 02: Bentzen/Bradbury) – (OA, CBD)
  • Baseline data on the amount dispersal and gene flow through the Arctic for both circumpolar species and species pairs isolated following the historic cooling of the Arctic(MB 02: Bentzen/Bradbury) – (OA, CBD)
  • Baseline data on picophytoplankton distribution and diversity for the coastal and offshore regions of the North Atlantic and Arctic (MB 10: Lovejoy) – (OA)
  • Direct Advice to the CAFF (Conservation of Arctic Fauna and Flora), for the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program - Marine Plan implementation phase in Canada (MB 01: Archambault) – (CBD)
  • Workshop on the determination of EBSA in the Canadian Arctic (DFO), two PhD students participate (MB 01, MB 03: Archambault) - (CBD)
  • Organization and facilitation of a workshop (including presentations from the City of Iqaluit and the Government Of Nunavut) on adaptation to the impacts of climate change (sea level rise and severe weather events) on the built environment and traditional hunting practices of Iqaluit. (EF 02 BARD/Mercer Clarke) –(OA, CBD)
  • A novel application of flow cytometry in the study of detrital and bacterial ecology in sediments, with potential application in aquaculture, pollution, and ecological studies(EF 01 Archambault) – (OA, CBD)
  • Development and use of the DalBlimp, a cost-effective remote sensing tool for coastal environments (EF 07: Grant) – (OA)
  • Theoretical framework of spatially structured marine ecosystems in changing environments (EF 01 Archambault) – (CBD, OA)
  • Statistical model and tools to predict diversity-rugosity relationships in Arctic and deep-sea marine benthos (MB 03: Archambault, MB 17: Metaxas and Snelgrove, MB 18: Tunnicliffe) – (OA)

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