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Talk to your MP

The goal of the 'Talk to Your Member of Parliament - Ottawa' initiative (established in 2012) was to provide Members of Parliament (MP) with some ocean science, and offer our expertise. Why? Because Canadian Healthy Oceans Networks (CHONe) researchers want their results to support sustainable oceans for science-based policies, management, and conservation decisions in Canada’s three oceans, and our research is funded by the Federal Government and is relevant to Canada and Canadians. This initiative continued with researchers and students inviting local MPs to their university (Talk to your local MP), as well as an invitation to present at the All Party Ocean Caucus meeting in Ottawa. Each opportunity allowed our scientists an opportunity to work with an build a relationship with our MPs, who represent the front lines of policy making in Canada. These relationship we have built have continued, as we work together find solution to meet ocean challenges. 

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