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Seacology by Kayak is a joint collaboration between the Canadian Healthy Oceans Network (CHONe), Dalhousie University, and Ecology Action Centre. We teamed up with a local kayaking company to host a weekly series of guided sea kayak tours accompanies by local ocean and coastal science experts. These weekly tours focus on a variety of topics such as marine, coastal, boreal-bog, island, and plant ecology, oceanography, geology, coastal bird-life, fisheries and more.  

In 2013, a total of 18 of local “Seacologists” came to share their science and knowledge with the public, and they did it all from kayaks. Paddlers explored how the marine ecosystem off Nova Scotia’s coast works, what the major species are that ‘run’ it, and how it has changed over time due to the many stressors, such as climate change, natural resource extraction (e.g. food, oil and gas, minerals), habitat modification (e.g. coastal development, marinas, dredging) and invasive species. Read more

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