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Canadian Healthy Oceans Network (CHONe) researchers and students have been very active in promoting public awareness of biodiversity science for the sustainability of Canada's three oceans, Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic, and the different species (animals, plants, algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses) and ecosystems (kelp beds, intertidal, subtidal, seafloor, water column, open-ocean, hydrothermal vents, deep-sea coral and sponge reefs, etc) within within these oceans. Learn how our researchers and students are sharing their knowledge through various programs and events.   

Talk to your MP 


Into the Unknown: Exploring Marine Biodiversity in Frontier Areas, Download Now

Into the Unknown: Exploring Marine Biodiversity in Frontier Areas

  • Video featured at Royal Ontario Museum and Halifax Ocean Film Festival
  • Poster featured at Royal Ontario Museum 
  • Presentation by Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe - Canada Research Chair in Deep Ocean Science, featured at National Oceans Symposium, Royal Ontario Museum

Seacology By Kayak 

Let's Talk Science

  • Intertidal Scavenger Hunt - CHONe and Dalhousie University partnered to teach 50 grade 6 students about intertidal ecology and species at Peggy's Cove, NS 
  • Laboratory Tours - Students gave laboratory tours to high school student visiting the University of Victoria

Celebrate and Honour Our Oceans 

People around our blue planet celebrate and honor our oceans during Ocean's Day (June 8), Ocean's Week (1st week of June) and Ocean's Month (all of June). Why should you celebrate and honour the ocean? Because it links us all. Find out how you are connected to the ocean, and how you can help protect our oceans.

Be part of the growing global celebration - we are! Check out some activities CHONe participated in 2014.

Find events near YOU!

International Biodiversity Day

People around our planet celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22. Find celebrations near you

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