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The Canadian Healthy Oceans Network (CHONe; pronounced Ko-nee) is developing the knowledge necessary to develop sustainable solutions to preserve our oceans, and in effect, ourselves. This knowledge is transferred from our scientists to our stakeholders through publications, presentations and data, and other initiatives, such as


Learn about our people and our science though ‘Our Science’ podcast series, various blog posts and our movies, such as ‘Training Canada's Next Generation of Ocean Scientists’ and ‘Into the Unknown: Exploring Marine Life in Frontier Areas’.

Explore Canada’s three oceans – the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic – from west to east through photographs and videos, such as ‘Biodiversity in Canada’s Arctic’, ‘Canada’s First Marine Biodiversity Corridor’ and ‘Ocean Frontiers’.


Discover the number and types of species (such as animals, algae, microbes) that live in our oceans; where these species are located (intertidal, sub tidal, and deep sea); how the groups of species are connected and how species and stressors (disturbances, invasions, temperature and acidity changes, and climate change) influence their marine ecosystems at a number of levels through 'Our Science' podcast series, videos and blog posts

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