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Student Travel Fund - Guidelines

CHONe has established a student travel fund that is designed to help enhance the training experience of our students. Limited funds are available for two main purposes: to support the travel of students to other CHONe labs for research collaborations (with priority given to students who are arranging to meet with a co-supervisor located at a different institution) and to support student participation in national and international science conferences. 

We expect that support from this fund will be used to leverage other sources of financial assistance, wherever possible. While we recognize that external sources of funds are sometimes difficult to obtain, the size of the CHONe student travel fund is modest and we want to ensure that every student has access to this funding opportunity.  Accordingly, we have set a target of 25% of total costs to be covered by other funding sources, but we welcome any help above and beyond that!

Within the student travel fund, we anticipate that we will be able to fund, on average, one trip per student during the life of the CHONe project.  This means that once a student has received support for one trip, the success of any future travel request will depend on how quickly the travel fund is being drawn down. Priority for the use of these funds in future will be given to students who have not yet received travel support from the fund. The maximum level of support awarded for any trip of this nature will normally be $1500 for transportation costs, accommodations and meals.

To apply for support from the student travel fund, students are asked to submit to the CHONe office (to a package containing:  (1) a one page proposal, signed by the student’s supervisor, outlining the purpose of the trip and identifying the anticipated benefits to the student’s research and to CHONe’s overall research program; (2) an abstract of the proposed presentation, if applying for support to attend a conference; (3) a budget of total projected costs and other sources of funding obtained, if applicable; and  (4) with respect to lab exchanges, a letter from the “host” lab indicating their support for the visit and how it will benefit the student and their lab. 

Proposals will be reviewed by the theme leaders, in accordance with the conflict of interest policy adopted by the Network, and ranked based on the criteria listed above.  Because of the nature of this fund, we will review proposals as they are received rather than working on a fixed schedule.  

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