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Archive Data

The Canadian Healthy Oceans Network (CHONe) has undertaking a broad range of marine biodiversity-related research across Canada’s three oceans. CHONe has produced baseline maps, barcodes, data and databases to understand ocean their ecosystems and process, and as tools to monitor future change, and aims to have these products publicly archived for reuse.

Why publicly archive your data?

  • Preserves your research for the long term.
  • Enables you to share data with other interested researchers.
  • Enables you to use data shared by other researchers.
  • Provides wider visibility for your research.
  • Many funding agencies and scholarly journals now request that data be placed in a public archive and made available to others.
  • Supports quantitative research from a secondary analysis perspective.

For more information click here.

CHONe data management team recommends archiving data with:

  1. Dryad for data associated with a journal article, 
  2. figshare for data associated with student theses or unpublished data, or
  3. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) for sequence data.

For more information about archiving CHONe-related data (see documents below), or contact the data management team.


For more information see CHONe Data Policy, Introduction to Data Management, Data Management Plan and Appendix, and Glossary; or contact the data management team.

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